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The law firm of Coe, Cuskey & Stephens, S.C. is the most recent configuration of a firm that has been in continuous operation for 134 years in Barron County.  

On January 1, 2022, the firm Coe & Cuskey welcomed the addition of Brittany E. Stephens.

Brittany Stephens previously was a partner if Koehler & Stephens Law Office.  As Arnold Koehler transitioned to retirement after 47 years of practicing law in Barron County, Brittany blended her practice with Coe & Cuskey.  At which time, Mark E. Coe transferred ownership and management of the firm to Jonathan R. Cuskey and Brittany E. Stephens.  The firm changed its name to Coe, Cuskey & Stephens, S.C.  

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